Stop Waking Up at Night

Sometimes, it’s not falling asleep that is the hard part but it’s staying asleep. At STAYA SLEEP, we always want you waking up feeling well-rested (which means fixing the interruptions in your slumber time).

Stop Waking Up at Night

Here are our tips and tricks to solve the common reasons that you may be waking up in the night.

Too Hot or Too Cold

We all know what it’s like to fight with our covers; you kick them off, and you’re too cold. You wrap yourself in them, and you’re too hot. Try to sleep in light breathable pajamas, and think of “layering” your bedding (just like you do your outfits) – having several layers of different weights will help balance any hot or cold flashes.

Keeping your room cooler will help with sleep. The National Sleep Foundation recommends between 60 and 67 degrees. Even a mild drop in your body temperature induces sleep, which means you fall and stay asleep. If you heat up at night (and we know sometimes it is what it is), you can at least make sure that the heat has somewhere to go! Each STAYA Sleep mattress is designed to ensure that heat is drawn away from the body with our gel-infused top layer, and exits through the coil layer and breathable cover. A woman thought about this mattress design!

Food and Booze

While a late night glass of wine can make you sleepy, later on, your body has to metabolize that alcohol and this can make it more difficult to stay asleep. Similarly, certain foods are harder for your body to digest and can lead to stomach pain or indigestion. Stay away from processed foods and hard alcohol right before bedtime.

Stop Waking Up at Night

You can feel your partner moving

Even the small movements of your partner rolling over or getting up for any reason in the night can wake you up—and unfortunately, can keep you up even after they have fallen back asleep! This problem occurs most frequently in innerspring mattresses where the spring system is connected throughout the mattress. This is a real problem for couples, and our customers tell us that our revolutionary design completely removes this complaint. Our patented system of individually pocketed micro-coils prevents motion from traveling through the mattress to your side. These coils provide the needed support and are layered with premium foams to create one comfortable mattress, sans partner movement so you stay asleep.

Overthinking and Stress

Our thoughts can keep us from staying asleep. Thoughts can go in circles and lead to stress dreams or even insomnia. It’s important to give yourself time to decompress before bedtime. Try to start a bedtime routine to get your body ready to sleep and move that alarm clock to stop yourself from checking the time when you roll over. If you wake up and can’t seem to get back to sleep, achieve a “reset” with a quick 15-20 minutes outside of the bedroom.

Frequent trips to the bathroom

There is no quick fix for this one; Everyday Health suggests that increased age, obesity, and alcohol consumption all can contribute to frequent bathroom trips. A tip? Ensure a stop to the bathroom is part of your bedtime routine. One more? Try not to consume too many liquids right before bed and instead, place a glass of water at your bedside so that you can drink later in the night if you wake up and are thirsty.

Your bedroom environment isn’t the right sleep environment

The Sleep Foundations warns us that artificial light in your bedroom can impact your sleep cycle. Darkness signals the body that it is time to sleep (just like light tells it to awake). Do a “light audit” and work to make your bedroom darker. Completely block artificial light (electronics, porch/street lights, etc) and even consider a paint color refresh (some studies show that blues and grays help with sleep). Also, ensure your bedroom is a relaxing “haven” – time to move decluttering to the top of the list!

Stop Waking Up at Night

Aches and Pains

The American Sleep Association reports that sleeping position is often the cause of the uncomfortable aches and pains that can wake us up at night. The most common sleep position is “side sleeper”. The Mayo Clinic recommends sleeping on your side with your knees pulled up towards your chest to relieve pressure that may cause back pain. If your aches and pains are chronic, it’s generally a sign that your mattress isn’t working for you. Your mattress’s job is to provide needed support while also being comfortable. If you aren’t getting this from your mattress, you will move more frequently to relieve pressure. Often, the mattress better suits one sleep partner in a couple. At STAYA Sleep, we customize the perfect mattress for each sleeper - your support and comfort for your side and your partner’s support and comfort for their side. It is as easy as answering a few questions and then we make your mattress and deliver it straight to your door in about 7 days.

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