Solutions for Couples’ Common Sleep Problems

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We have good news: many common sleep problems that couples have can be solved with simple fixes. We also cover some revolutionary mattress technology and you may be missing out!

Even though we love our sleep partners, sometimes sleeping with them can be less of a pleasure and more of a pain. And after a long day of work or shuttling kids around, a bad night’s sleep is simply not an option! Here are some solutions for common sleep problems experienced by couples.

Problem: Your partner snores

Snoring can be brutal. It can really disrupt your rest, even causing you to wake up in the middle of the night. While there are tons of tips and tricks on how to deal with a snoring partner, the National Sleep Foundation suggests that you move your partner onto their stomach or side, or you can prop a pillow against them (or several under their head) to keep them from sleeping flat. If your partner is a side sleeper, check your mattress to make sure your partner has adequate support to prevent them from rolling onto their back. If you really want to invest, there are now adjustable foundations that fit under the mattress and allow a back sleeper to sleep elevated (and you can use your existing mattress if you purchased it in the last few years).

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Problem: Your partner tosses and turns

Health magazine tells us that women tend to be more sensitive to their partner’s movements and will often complain about their partner’s restlessness in the bedroom. Sleeping on a mattress made with a connected spring system offers little suppression of movement, which means feeling your partner’s each and every move. One of the ways to combat this problem is to upgrade your current innerspring mattress to an all foam mattress, or a mattress with a spring/coil system where the coils operate independently.

A STAYA SLEEP mattress is a luxury hybrid mattress priced affordably (a queen is only $1,099). In addition to multiple layers of high-grade foams, STAYA SLEEP uses patented individually-wrapped, 1 ½” steel micro-coils. Our premium memory foam top layer gently hugs your body to ensure excellent spinal alignment, while the micro-coils absorb your body weight supporting every inch from head-to-toe in just the right way. Ooh-la-la.

Problem: Your partner likes it firmer or softer than you

This can be a tough one. Many couples end up compromising on a mattress if they have different needs. According to Woman’s Day, 12% of couples sleep apart! There is a better solution! You can now buy a customized mattress where the left and right sides can be made differently so you and your partner each get what you want. STAYA SLEEP’s revolutionary mattress can be customized to fit you and a partner’s needs individually with a seamless transition from one side to the other. Customize for support (height, weight) and comfort so that you both can get the mattress you want …no compromising on sleep required.

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Problem: They hog the covers

There is a term called “cover hog” for a reason, but it is no use battling your sleep partner anymore. You can create his and hers covers. Did you know that a king bed is actually the size of 2 twin XL mattresses side by side? You can buy this size in blankets or top sheets for each of you (without messing up the look of your bed). Don’t feel bashful - with planning you both can sleep well, sans goose bumps.

Sleep Improves Your Mood

Sleep your best on a customized mattress – and pay a fraction of retail.

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