Mattress Issues & When to Replace

Mattress Issues

When is it (Really) Time for a New Mattress?

There is no expiration date listed on your mattress so how are you supposed to know when it is time to replace it? In reality, this is a purchase we often put off to long because who wants to go back to the mattress store. STAYA SLEEP is here to help you understand when you need a new mattress and is also a great option if you want to completely bypass the trips to the mattress store entirely the next time around.

Is “replace every eight” a myth or the reality?

You know the mattress commercial jingle – “replace every eight.” Catchy, right? We’ve seen mattresses less than 8 years needing replaced and we’ve seen mattresses many years beyond that holding up. We believe that there is no magic year to get a new mattress. Only you and your body will know when your mattress needs to go. Here are the warning signs that we suggest you look for.

Warning Signs:

You’re not sleeping well

This may sound obvious, but so many people forget that their mattress has a pivotal role in why they may not be sleeping well. If you’re constantly restless, not sleeping through the night, then you may want to start thinking about a new mattress.

You’re experiencing aches and pains

Your mattress needs to work for you, providing the right support and comfort. If it isn’t, you’re going to feel aches and pains. Just like your jeans – your favorite one at 25 isn’t likely to be the same as when you are 35. Your mattress doesn’t lie and it may be time to invest in a new one.

Mattress Issues

You’ve got a lumpy mattress

Lumps and bumps in a mattress occur with wear over time. If your mattress is uneven, it’s not likely providing the support and comfort when you bought it. If this happens quickly, you may have a warranty claim. If it is from years of use, it is time for a new mattress. The good news is that you can now buy a mattress which don’t require flipping and rotating so that is one less factor in how a mattress wears over time. Hallelujah!

You have persistent bedtime allergies

Mattresses can become a home for things you may not want to think about. You should never wake up congested, and pay attention to sneezing during the night. Your bedroom should be a sanctuary from the sniffles, not a place that they manifest. Years on a mattress mean the accumulation of dead skin cell, sweat, and dust mites. Make sure to use a waterproof and breathable cover from Day 1 (and frequently wash it) to extend the life of your mattress and keep away dust mites.

Mattress Issues

You look forward to hotels

When you stop being excited about returning home to your own bed, you need to reevaluate your mattress. Your home should be sweeter than any hotel.

STAYA Sleep offers revolutionary hybrid mattresses (coils and foam) with the option to customize your comfort and support to achieve the absolute best sleep. Ordering is easy and means avoiding the mattress middleman markup! Queen mattresses are $1099.

Sleep your best on a customized mattress – and pay a fraction of retail.

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