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Top 3 reasons the mattress store is no longer the best place to buy a mattress

Ever find yourself doing anything else (even cleaning out your closet) before dragging yourself into the mattress store? And then focused on “getting it over with”? Yikes! Luckily, we live in a modern world and buying a mattress online is not only possible, but also empowering!

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Here are the Top 3 reasons to think twice about buying a mattress from your nearest mattress store:

  1. You are paying for the mattress, the sales pitch and expensive overhead

    It is an expensive proposition to maintain thousands of store fronts and extensive inventories, and to hire and commission sales people. Where does the mattress store find the money to fund all of this? (Answer: by marking up the price of each mattress sold to cover all of these costs… in other words, customers pay for it!) Customers are now buying mattresses online for significant savings – with a few clicks the middleman and these hefty retail markups are history.

  2. Trying it in person for a few minutes doesn’t mean it is the right one

    Does laying on a mattress for a few minutes in the store really help you determine if it is THE ONE that will help you sleep all night long? Not really. Add a few more mattresses to test out in the store and it can be downright confusing. So decide already, right? Wrong! Why not try out a mattress in your own PJs in your own bedroom? This is how it works when you buy a mattress online. No awkwardness or worrying – just a 100 night risk-free guarantee and free returns to make sure you get the right one.

    STAYA SLEEP takes it a few steps further by offering something unique – customization - so every sleeper gets it right. If you are a couple with different sleep preferences, the left and right sides of Queens and Kings can also be customized differently. Get yours made right for you, versus trying to fit into one made for anyone.

  3. You get a heavy helping of gimmicks

    The industry has come up with brilliant marketing tactics to help move their mattresses out the door and keep you from being able to compare apples to apples and understand what really matters in a mattress. Buying online means removing the middleman and improving transparency. Service is as easy as a click before and after your purchase! STAYA SLEEP is located in North Carolina where it is about a friendly helping of southern customer service and a rich history of luxury home furnishings.

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    Better Mattress Buying Experience

Ready to buy your next mattress? STAYA SLEEP would love to make your customized mattress to help you sleep your best. Each mattress is made in the USA and backed by an exceptional 15-year warranty.

Luxury mattresses at affordable prices…Queen mattress just $1099…King mattress just $1299

Sleep your best on a customized mattress – and pay a fraction of retail.

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