Common Dreams, Explained

Dreams are a way for our subconscious’ to communicate with us. Sometimes, dreams help us realize what bothers us. They show us our fears and let us play with our desires. But sometimes, if we don’t understand what the events in our dreams symbolize, they can seem downright bizarre.

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Here are some explanations to common dreams.

Being Chased

A dream about being chased can be seen as an embodiment of anxiety or stress. The will to run away can be linked to avoiding something or not facing the truth. Dreams about being chased are our subconscious’ sounding the alarm: figure out what you’re running from and face it head on.


A person who often dreams that they are paralyzed feels a lack of control in their life. In dreams, paralysis can be a way to call attention to a lack of action

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Dreams about death, where you die or where someone else dies, represent change. This change can be anything from a change in job to a change in partner. A dream about death can indicate a desire to end a current pattern or series of events that reoccur in your life.


In a dream, falling is a big NO. Something is really bothering you, and chances are, you can pinpoint exactly what it is. Falling also indicates a lack of control over something or someone.

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In dreams, nudity represents feelings of vulnerability and self-expression. It can be that you’re looking to be understood or are anxious about a new environment. Nudity dreams often come at times of stress in the workplace or anxiety about performance of any kind.


Dreaming about babies may not mean what you think. Babies are sources of positivity and growth. Your dreams are processing excitement, whether a new promotion or excitement about a new relationship. Thank goodness it is simply excitement, and not baby fever!

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Oddly enough, dreams about teeth occur quite often. Dreams about losing your teeth can be linked to fears about your personal appearance or in how you think other people perceive you. Teeth dreams are linked to feelings about image.

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