Breaking Down Sleep

Breaking Down Sleep

At STAYA Sleep, we understand that sleep isn’t just selling the right mattress. A mattress is the foundation to sleep, but sleep is so much more —it’s about rest, and how to get everything our body needs while we stay asleep. Let’s talk about the basics.

The Stages Sleep

To paraphrase from Sleep 101 from, sleep is broken into REM and non-REM sleep. Non-REM sleep begins the sleep cycle and is comprised of 3 stages lasting 5-15 minutes each. Stage 1 of Non-REM is light and we continue into deeper sleep until we get to Stage 3 which is the restorative sleep that repairs our body and strengthens our immune system. REM sleep follows the Non-REM stage 3 and lasts approximately 10+ minutes (it increases with each cycle through the night). And then it starts all over again. Sleep is a pretty active process of preparing us for the next day!

What’s so special about REM?

REM stands for Rapid Eye Movement and occurs in waves throughout the night. Adults are typically in REM sleep 20-25% of the time of sleeping, and REM begins 70 to 120 minutes after falling asleep. REM sleep is characterized by low muscle activity. It is the time when we are sleeping deepest and when our most vivid dreams occur. If you don’t fall asleep or stay asleep long-enough, you don’t get as much REM. If you are awoken during REM, you may feel tired during the daytime.

What are dreams?

Dreams are images that your mind conjures up while you are asleep. They can be stories, scenes, voices, or even memories. Dreams are often emotional responses to our everyday lives.

What can your dreams tell you about your sleep?

While you don’t have to dream, or remember your dreams, to have a good night sleep, dreams can be indicative of deep sleep. This is because there is a correlation between dreams and REM, or deep uninterrupted sleep. However, the content of your dreams does not give an indication of the quality of sleep that you had. Yes, that means that a person who has a vivid nightmare about losing their kid in a grocery store can sleep just as soundly as a person who has experienced a vivid dream about snagging those last pair of 50% off Nordstrom boots.

Your mattress, your sleep, and your dreams

Whether you appreciate the details, it’s clear that your dreams are related to your sleep and that dreams can be therapeutic to us as humans. A STAYA Sleep mattress can help you stay asleep through the night—become a dreamer, literally.

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